Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Get Away

**I apologize now for the long post but there are lots of pictures too** Our family vaction was back in July. However, we usually take vacation at the end of August or beginning of September. J usually saves up his time and uses it right before it expires. So when September was almost over we were aching for a little time away from home. Luckily, J traves A LOT! And with all of that travel comes lots of reward points so we decided to use some and go down to Houston. We lived in Houston for a couple of years and had not been back since we moved away back in February of 2011. I was so excited to get back down there-mostly to indulge in my favorite places to eat but also to take the boys to the beach. We packed up the car and left around lunch time on Friday. Thanks to our dual portable dvd players, the boys do pretty good in the car on long trips. We had really favorable traffic considering we hit Houston right at 5 o'clock. Once we got down to our hotel, relaxed a mintue and refreshed we headed out to Kemah.
Kemah is a little boardwalk town right on the water. It was beat up pretty bad by hurricane Ike back in 2009 but they rebuilt it and it is amazing. It has several restaurants, a midway, carnival rides, shops, a little play ground and a splash pad. It is very family friendly~except for the fact that smoking is allowed. (I know it is outdoors but I hate choking down someones second hand smoke and I hate it more that my kids are breathing it in)(Rant over) We enjoyed a great dinner at The Flying Dutchman complete with Ceviche, Oysters on the Half Shell, Crab Cakes and Guinness on tap. We walked around the boardwalk after dinner, watched the boats pass by, and just enjoyed the cool breeze coming in off the sea. We really wanted to take Seth on a train ride but the line was long and both of the boys were exhausted. So we went back to the hotel for baths, bottles and bed.
Saturday morning we were and ready to get going. We dressed, had a quick bite to eat and headed down to Galveston. It was a beautiful day! The temp was in the mid 80's, partly cloudy, and a nice cool breeze. We went to our favorite spot. We like to be able to drive the car right onto the beach and unload. We found this place back when we first moved to Houston and it has always been our "go to" beach. The boys had technically both been to the beach when went down to Rockport in July. But it was a man made beach so to me this was thier "first" trip to the beach. They had the most amazing time. Seth loves to be outside and he loves the water. Caleb is absolutely fearless, he just follows big brothers lead. I loved so much just being able to sit back and watch them run around and play. (I even got teary eyed looking back through the pictures this morning.)After a few hours it was time to pack up and go. Not becuase we really wanted to but because our boys were turning into cranky monsters! The rest of the day was spent relaxing in our hotel room, napping, drinking a few beers and watching some football!
After a pretty restless night of sleep we got up and packed to head home. {Let me explain restless: One kid in a pack 'n play means one in our bed. Both boys tend to turn sideways so we get very little room. Around 1:30, a rowdy bunch of 20 somethings decided to party in the hall. Yes, that was us back in the day. But now I have 2 kids and we have enough trouble sleeping through the night as it is. I very nicely stepped out and asked them to keep it down. It got quiet real quick. Well, then around 4 something a couple starts fighting in the hallway. So loudly that I can hear every word of their conversation. This is when both of my kids wake up! I call the front desk and about 20 minutes later it finally gets quiet.} So, we are all cranky and ready to get home. We can't head home until we have lunch at one of our favorite places to eat: Ninfa's. If you ever get the chance to eat here, please do. You will not be disappointed! The food is amazing and the service is outstanding. So will full bellies and tired babies we headed home. We had such an amazing weekend. Spending time down in Houston sure did make miss living there. But I know that as long as I have J and my boys I'll be happy where ever we are. Hope you all had a great weekend too! Here are a few more pics, I couldn't pick just a couple..... **

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  1. Gotta love duel DVD players for the car! And the beach pictures of the little boys are so cute. Glad you guys had a good vacation. :)