Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy Halloween....A week Late

Better a week late than never, right?

The boys actually got to wear their costumes on Tuesday and Wednesday last week. Day School allowed them to dress up for a "costume parade" and a small party. I was able to snap a few pictures before we left for school and when I dropped them off.


Caleb was a cute little skunk. Yes, it was a hand me down costume of big brothers. But he rocked it all his own! On Halloween night, as we passed out candy out front, he would waddle around and he looked just like a real little critter.

Seth was a cow. Not a Chick-fil-A cow, just a regular ole farm cow that likes to say "moo". He loves to make animal sounds, moo, baa, oink oink, quack we had several options to choose from. But when I saw the cow costume at Target, I sent a pic over to J, and we agreed it was perfect! Seth couldn't quite say "trick or treat" so at the few houses we did visit we would just ask him "what does the cow say?" and he would very sweetly reply, "mooooo!" It was adorable. I wouldn't say he loved trick or treating but he did love running around outside, eating loads of candy, and staying up past his bedtime.

It was a fun night for everyone. Next year, Seth will be old enough to have a say in his costume and I think that is going to be so much fun. And Caleb will not get big brothers hand me down again.

I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween! Come back tomorrow for my post about our Birthday Pictures photo session.


  1. AGH!!!!!!! Elle was a skunk and I save it for Wed and he was last year. Such cute pics.

    1. It was a last minute purchase for 50 % off but the best costume ever! We've not seen anyone else in a skunk costume. Do you have pics of your littles in it?