Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving. We had a house full of family and it was wonderful. A little crazy but a lot of fun. It was a super busy week and weekend. Today is the first day I have had a second to do anything that wasn't Thanksgiving or Birthday party related. I haven't even put the Christmas tree up yet and that makes me sad.

Let's recap our crazy week:
My last post was Monday and you can read that here. Tuesday was a pretty calm day at the house with Pawpaw and the boys. The highlight of the day was Caleb puking his lunch up all over me right after I got out of the shower. Fun stuff! Needless to say I didn't get my carpets cleaned or pictures up on the wall until Wednesday. But it did get done. (Thanks to my in-laws for helping me hang up pictures)
My sweet mother-in-law, Sandy, and I baked for Thursday. She made Buttermilk Pies and I made Pumpkin Pies and a Pecan Pie Cobbler. I absolutely love Pumpkin Pie and am so glad my sweet cousin/best friends hubby, Dan, gave me his super secret recipe! It's the best! That evening I sent everyone out for dinner so I could get the carpet cleaned before the rest of our family arrived that night. And, of course, they did show up right as I was in the middle of cleaning the floors. But it worked out ok. They were even impressed with how well my steam cleaner works. (I was too, I honestly had forgotten how amazing it is!) Thursday, one of the days we wait all year for, was pretty smooth considering it can get super crazy. This is the 5th year J and I have hosted Thanksgiving. And for the past two years I have had a newborn. So, this was my first time in a while to really be involved in all of the fun stuff. J bought a smoker earlier this year so we decided to smoke the turkey. That freed up my oven which was great! The cooking went pretty smoothly and we ate a late lunch/early dinner. Everything was perfect. My dad was even able to join us. Later on I was able to Facetime with my brothers which was a great way to end the day. Friday, my sweet Seth turned two. My brother-in-law and his family had planned to go to the zoo so we joined them. Seth is at that age where he is learning his animal names and sounds. He loved it! It was a special treat for him on his special day.  Caleb, poor little guy, just hung out in his stroller most of the day but he was really good and seemed to just enjoy being outside. We ended our zoo trip with a ride on the train and that was probably Seth's favorite part of the entire day. We went home for naps and then out to dinner with the whole family at our most favorite place, La Hacienda Ranch. (yummy, delicious Tex-Mex)

So,  here are random pictures from the week put into collages because it was hard to narrow it down to a few and it could have gotten out of hand quickly!

Hanging out on Wednesday

Flying Kites on Thursday

Our delicious Feast


Our day at the Zoo

Another failed attempt at a pic with my boys~I should just give up!
With all of that said, I just need to say how blessed I truly am. We have an amazing supportive family. I have a wonderful husband who loves me through all of my craziness, two incredible little boys, and a God who is giving, forgiving and always there. Thanksgiving is about being thankful for what you have and I have a lot to be thankful for.

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  1. I remember one year my sister and I took her 2 kids and my 1 kid to have photos made. My nephew fell off the photo table. It was a wreck! So when I had my second child we just said, "Never again."