Wednesday, November 14, 2012

This one's for you Holly

It's really for me but I like the title!

Ok, I just read this blog post. Needless to say, it was a BIG kick in the a good way. I struggle. I struggle a lot with a lot of things. (helpful, I know)

But here it is...
It's 9:45 pm. J is out of town tonight. Caleb has been in bed for about 2 hours. Seth is currently in his bed screaming. I have had a very unproductive day. I didn't exercise. I ate way too much Halloween candy. I had a Dr Pepper. I also had a quarter pounder for dinner. I did shower-so that a positive! I swear I have been battling illness for damn near a month and it's killing me! My house is a disaster. Like, I'm talking a tornado (named Seth/Caleb) completely destroyed every room & bathroom in my house today. Seth is still screaming. My carpet is filthy and I have to get it cleaned before next week. Seth stopped screaming for a second, I coughed, and he started screaming again. Let's talk about that for a second.

For the last two or three weeks Seth has pretty much refused to go to bed. Our routine is usually bath around 7:30 and bed by 8:30. He likes to get in our bed after his bath and watch cartoons. That is totally ok with us. But now he when we go to put him in his room he fights it. Cries, kicks, screams, throws his blankie and paci out of his bed...... What's the deal? Anyone? He will be two next week. Is it the age? If we are lucky enough to get him down in his own bed by about 3 am he has woken up screaming and we just put him in bed with us. I am praying that it's the age but I will be asking the doctor at his 2 year check up in a couple of weeks.

And the screaming stopped! Well, I am gonna wrap this up because I have a house I need to clean and muffins to bake for my sweet Caleb's first birthday tomorrow! I can't believe my baby is one. I will have a very special post about my baby hopefully tomorrow afternoon.

Here are a couple of pics of my sweet babes though...


  1. OMG... that was so my day today! I feel ya momma although I have a husband home helping me. Hang in there and I love the rawness of the post. I felt totally unfit to mother today with how impatient I was the WHOLE day !

    1. I feel like that a lot. But not as much as I used to thanks to my Cofianza! :)

  2. I love this post, Amanda!! Not because you had a rough day, obviously, but because it's so real. I want to write more things like this, but I have been very afraid to put what's on my heart out there for others to read. Thank you for giving me the courage, my friend! I love you!!

    1. I think I've finally realized that I don't care what others say, do, or think. Being a parent is tough. And saying what I feel makes me feel better. Write it down and get it out. You'll feel better too! I love you