Monday, November 19, 2012

Under Pressure

I am still working on my post for Caleb's first birthday. I started writing on Thursday and had to stop. I couldn't see because of all the tears. It's almost impossible to put those feelings into words. I will finish it this week, I promise.

A quick weekend recap:
Friday night J and I went out for dinner and drinks. My mom was able to come over and watch the boys for a few hours for us. It was so nice to get a little adult time. I had one hell of day on Friday. I'm talking, I didn't get out of my pj's until 6:30 (pm) when I went to shower for dinner. But the day ended on a good note.
Saturday was a "me" day. I had a date with the girls to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2. I am a huge "Twilight" fan. I wasn't until after the first movie. I then read the books. I have re-read the whole series at least 3 times. (I am a big book worm) Last year, when Part 1 was released, I had a newborn. So I didn't get to see the movie until it came out on DVD. I was not missing opening weekend this time around! I told J that I would even go by myself if I had to. Luckily, my good friend, B, had a little girls "Brunch/Movie Date" planned. We met up at BJ's Brewhouse for lunch (and a kid free cerveza) and then headed over to the theatre. Let me just say, "OMG!!!", the movie was awesome. I can't wait to see it again. After the movie I grabbed some Chinese food and headed home to the family. Once the boys were in bed I continued working on birthday party decor. I swear I am going to be working on it the morning of the party. I started about 3 weeks ago but just can't get it done! (part of why I am under pressure).
Sunday, we were up early. We had to meet B for a re-shoot of our Holiday pictures. Yes, I said re-shoot. We had our first session last Saturday. She got one good family pic of us. ONE!!!!! I knew it was going to be that way, too. Seth is just at that age where he will not cooperate for anything. He ran around like a kid with ants in his pants. He wouldn't stop, he wouldn't look at the camera, he was completely out of control. The minute we got in the car I said, "what a disaster!" Poor B, luckily she has one Seth's age so she knows how it is. Yesterday was a little better. We kind of just let him run around and took candid shots. Caleb was more of a pill yesterday. I still haven't heard the verdict though. I think I am done taking pics of the boys until they are older. Except for the annual birthday pics. It will be a good 2 or 3 years before I try to get "family" pics done again. I kind of feel like I'm wasting my money. We went to breakfast at an old favorite of ours in Arlington. Delicious Mexican food. The good stuff. Growing up with a grandma who made the most amazing Mexican food ever has really spoiled me. I am very particular. But this place was on point, as usual. My afternoon was filled with a 2 hour trip to Wal-Mart, a run to Target, and a ton of cleaning, organizing, and decorating. Anyone hate white walls? I do. J would have plain white walls if I would let us. He hates to hang up pictures. I forced him to do it last night. I am still not done hanging pictures though.
Today, my wonderful in-laws and Pawpaw will be coming into town for the week. I still have to clean up my guest room, hang pictures, and clean the carpet. All while chasing after my two wild children. And at some point I have to finish the birthday party decorations.
Caleb~just chillin' on the school bus

First bubble gum ball~it had to be blue!

Doesn't that look better?
 With all that being said, I better get off of this computer and get to work. Have a great Monday!


  1. Happy Monday girl - I love some good Mexican food too - I love Twilight - haven't seen Part II yet and can't wait. However, I have to wait until it comes out on DVD - not a movie theatre fan- LOL. Have a great day.

  2. I love the art work gallery. I do that over my kitchesn sink-- it's just so bright and happy. Now please go bring us back those birthday pictures!! :)

  3. Thanks y'all! I am loving the artwork gallery, too! It makes me happy to see what my boys do when they are at school! And it brings some life to my blank walls. :)

  4. Oh where to start! Do I say that a lot??? ;-) I hate when I am in my PJs until 6:30 pm but it happens to the best of us and I just try and tell myself that I am lucky to be able to do that on a busy day... you know try and see the good in unattractive situation ;-)

    We spent several hundred on our Christmas pics and crewe wanted nothing to do with it, so I think I might be on the same boat for a few years. We didn't get a redo :( Oh and the artwall I love, makes me want to put crewe in school just to have that. Way to be crafty momma!

    1. You are crafty, I've seen some of y'alls art projects. Just toss 'em in a frame and hang them up.

      Even after the second shoot we still had less than 10 "decent" pics. I am so not doing that again! It is nice to know that it isn't just my child!