Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday Truths

Let me just say, It has been a ROUGH week! I started typing a weekend recap post yesterday and realized I was writing a novel. So I just ditched it. Tomorrow I will do a pictures post from our weekend adventures. You will probably be happy to know that the post was mostly about how many assplosions Caleb had...and is still having! Oh, the joys of being a mommy!

And one last reminder that my giveaway ends today! Go enter here if you have not!

Alright.....Truth Time:

*I really hate the smell of vomit! Caleb is so sick. He coughs so hard he pukes. There is nothing worse than the smell of puked-up milk, hot dog, and cheese. That's the smell I got last night before I went to bed. Poor guy puked in his sleep. And I managed to get it all cleaned up, sheets changed, baby changed....without waking him. I impressed myself with that one.

*When one kid gets sick the other usually does too. So, Tuesday I took Caleb to the doctor. I knew he had a viral infection and they were not going to give him anything. But I was concerned about his ears since he just had tubes put in last week. (they look perfect!) As were we leaving I asked the nurse to take Seth's temp-he was acting very whiney and un-Seth like. Yep, 101! His assplosions started yesterday. (no puking, thank the Lord!) I kept them both home today from school.

*I am half Mexican. Random truth-I know! But if you follow me on instagram (@SimplySarchet) I made a reference to this today. My dad is as White as they come and my momma is Mexican. I cannot speak a lick of Spanish though. I do understand it however.

*I miss my brothers terribly. We have always been close-like best friends. I am going to visit them in about a month though.

*Hurting someone you Love sucks! Weather you hurt someone or are the loved one that was hurt. And that's all I have to say about that right now. This may be an entire topic here soon.

That is all I have time for today. I think my boys are about done with nap time. Happy Thursday! Picture post and the Giveaway Winner tomorrow!


  1. Awww hope your boys feel better! I hate seeing our kiddos sick :(

  2. Hope your son feels better. My son did the same thing in his sleep last week. Nothing better then cleaning up puke and a baby at midnight!

  3. I totally feel you on the voomit thing. My little one has a very weak stomach and the slightest thing sets her off so you never know when she'll blow. The worst for me is strawberry milk...ya as bad as it sounds. Hope your little guys are feeling better soon.