Friday, March 1, 2013

Wanted:Dead or Alive

Bon Jovi fan? Well, I am like the biggest JBJ fan EVER!!!! I have seen in in concert once, in Vegas. I am hoping to see him again in April when he comes to Dallas.

Seriously? Sexiest man alive!!!!!
Hello! Yes, I am still alive. Although, there were many times I though I might die during the month of February. I totally missed an entire month of blogging. Pretty pitiful, right? I would say I have a good excuse (or many excuses) but I am trying to give up making excuses. Truthfully, I was busy. And my computer (an old dinosaur) pretty much turned into a total pos. I finally got a new laptop, I am way excited about, and so here I am again. I would say that I will be back to blogging regularly but I can't say that. I just don't know. I will post as often as possible. I always have so many things I want to write down but I just never do it.
So, back to being busy.....February was a crazy month. It flew by. I turned a year older. I got to visit my family back home in Lubbock. I worked my tail off in my It Works business. I started working out with a trainer at LA Fitness. I did finally start Couch to 5k but have since been told to hold off on that for a bit. I joined the Parent/Teacher committee at the boys school. Yeah, I think that may be it. Busy. I love it though. I use to sit home and just watch the hours tick by. Now, I don't have enough time to get it all done. I would blog while my boys were at school on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Now, I go straight to the gym, home to shower, and out to blitz and wrap clients. I want this life. One that is fulfilling on my own terms. One that I love-working for myself, changing my health & wealth, one day at a time and helping others do the same. February was my best month in It Works-6 months into this skinny wrap journey I finally feel the conviction of my words when I say I want to change! And I am doing it. I want more for me, J, our boys, my parents, my sweet grandmother.....and this is my vehicle to provide that for them. So, when I don't blog just know that I am not sitting on my bum. I am out there. Working. Exercising. Networking. Building a Bigger, Brighter future for myself and my family. I have big goals for March. I am tired of waiting for things to happen. I am going to make it happen in March.

 I will try to post more-it will be sporadic, and it may not be very interesting but it will be my release. We all need that.
I hope you all had an amazing February. I will get some pictures posted soon from all of our February adventures.
Have a great weekend!